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Why you should choose IGI Certificates?

When it comes to certifying the authenticity and quality of your precious jewellery, not all certifications are created equal. At The Jewel Houze, we stand firmly behind IGI (International Gemological Institute) certificates for reasons that go beyond their globally recognized name. Here’s why IGI certificates outshines the other certifications, and why you should be cautious of others:

  • Stringent grading Standards
    IGI upholds comprehensive and stringent grading standards that are recognized and respected worldwide. Their commitment to transparency and integrity ensures that every detail of your jewellery meets the highest standards of quality and brilliance and is accurately assessed and documented.
  • Global Recognition
    IGI is globally recognized and respected, ensuring that your jewellery’s authenticity is acknowledged worldwide.
  • Expertise You Can Trust
    IGI employs a team of highly skilled gemologists with years of experience. Their expert eye and deep knowledge guarantee precise evaluations, giving you confidence in the true value of your purchase.
  • Avoid Self-Certified Pitfalls
    Some companies resort to self-certification, a dangerous practice that involves grading their own diamonds. This not only lacks impartiality but can lead to inflated grades and misrepresented quality, potentially leading to misunderstandings and financial loss in the future. With IGI, you receive an unbiased, third-party assessment, free from conflicts of interest.
  • Beware of Inconsistent Grading
    Not all certifying labs maintain the same rigorous standards as IGI. Labs other than IGI may follow inconsistent grading practices which result in disparities between stated and actual quality, potentially leading to misunderstandings and financial loss in the future.
  • Invest in Transparency, Ensure Future Value
    Jewellery is not just a purchase; it’s an investment attached with emotions. IGI certificates offer transparency and accuracy, safeguarding your investment and ensuring its value holds over time. With self-certified or inadequately graded jewellery, you risk not getting what you paid for, jeopardizing your investment in the long run.
  • Your Peace of Mind, Our Promise
    At The Jewel Houze, we prioritize your trust and confidence. By choosing IGI certificates, we’re not just delivering jewellery, we’re delivering a promise — a promise of quality, transparency, and enduring value. Your peace of mind is our ultimate certification. Choose wisely, choose IGI, and let your jewellery elude a story of genuine brilliance.

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