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Introducing our Monthly Investment Plan, a smart and sparkling way to save towards your dream jewellery. Each month, invest a fixed amount with us, and watch your savings accumulate like hidden treasures. At the end of your chosen term, redeem the total sum, along with our additional money in the last installment, to acquire the exquisite piece you’ve been eyeing, or perhaps something even grander. It’s not just an investment in gold and diamonds; it’s an investment in future moments of joy and memories.

Plan for total no. of months Our discount to you on your last instalment Your investment amount (example) You payment until redemption Amount that you can utilise for purchase
6 months 25% off 1000 per month 5750 6000
7 months 40% off 1000 per month 6600 7000
8 months 55% off 1000 per month 7450 8000
9 months 70% off 1000 per month 8300 9000
10 months 85% off 1000 per month 9150 10000
11 months 100% off 1000 per month 10000 11000

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum amount that I need to set aside every month?

Is MIP applicable on all categories of products?

Can I withdraw my paid instalment after 2 months? or anytime in between

Is it possible to change the monthly amount in between the instalments?

Can I come to the store and give cash every month?

can I pay the instalment through gold coins?

Can I have multiple MIP accounts at the same time?

What is the redemption window for my MIP Balance?

What happens to the paid amount if I don’t redeem at the end of my plan?

What happens to the paid amount if I cancel my order?

Can I buy multiple products while redeeming PoP balance?

Will late payment affect my MIP account balance?

Can I redeem only part of the amount at the end of my redemption period?

If I opt for an exchange on the product, will this amount be deducted as “discount recovery”?

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